The Rebel Queens have arrived to bring you that good ol' rock 'n' roll. Established in 2011, Rebel Queens is a vintage inspired rock 'n' roll gang based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The band was formed by Tiffany Beamer (Lead Vocals) with strong influence from the 70's all-female band, The Runaways. Rebel Queens combines the soul of Led Zeppelin with the snarl of Joan Jett in the same way they seamlessly blend classic rock tracks and original music. Their professional musicianship and ballsy stage presence pours in to each song on their unique set list with soaring-yet-gritty vocals, wailing guitar solos, tight harmonies, and a smooth rhythm section. The current lineup  features Tiffany Beamer (Lead Vox), Danielle Pearson (Drums/Vox), Katie Wyrd (Guitar/Vox), Pika (Bass), and Stevvie Mora (Guitar).


After some arm twisting by fans, Rebel Queens decided to record the songs they "accidentally" wrote and had been performing live. The band launched their first single, 2016's "Waiting Up for You" from the EP, It's Reigning Rock N Roll, earning airplay on several Minnesota radio stations.  Their next release, Wild Ride,  features driving instrumentation and snarly soulful vocals with lyrics that speak to self-acceptance despite the unknown existential perplexities of the universe. The EP’s single, "Hey Yeah" is a bad ass power-anthem and music video that was filmed on the street and childhood home of Tiffany (lead vox).  The video features a variety of characters and their chosen wild rides. The "Hey Yeah" music video is featured in City Pages best local music videos of 2019.




group photo full edit